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Epping Hairdressers

The Denman D3 hairbrush is the most famous styling brush in the world! With 7 rows of nylon pins, this medium styling brush is equipped with an anti-static rubber pad, providing maximum grip and control during blow-drying for shaping hair. An essential styling tool for professional hairdressers and clients worldwide

Large cushion brush with nylon bristle. The nylon bristle is ideal for detangling and general grooming. The lightweight, perfectly balanced handle provides excellent grip and control.

Medium grooming brush with 7 rows of nylon pins. Widely-spaced pins set into an anti-static rubber pad produces volume, movement and lift during blow-drying for a softer, fuller look. Effective for detangling medium length hair.

Text Box: The classic Denman brush continues to be an essential styling tool for professional hairdressers the world over.

Smooth, round-ended nylon pins in a staggered formation provide exceptional grip and control for maintaining tension on the hair while styling. The famous half-round rubber pad is perfect for smoothing hair, creating sleek bob shapes and for flicking out.

Incorporating the classic Denman ‘teardrop’ handles for comfortable salon styling.